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CherryGun: Press



~I just wanted to email you with my praise of CherryGun when I watched their performance on Aug 23rd which happened to be my wife's birthday. 

Having been in the TV Broadcast and Media production for many years I notice things most others do not, which can be good and bad when you are out trying to enjoy a evening of good live music and dancing with my wife and not being in work mode if you know what I mean. The performance was the first time I had the chance to see CherryGun.   I was impressed on the variety of the music but also how well they played the different styles of music.  But one of the things that really set them apart from many acts that I have seen and produced over the years is the stage presents they all had and the interaction with the audience.   I am very familiar with how hard that can be but they all did it very well and made it look natural. Please pass my praise to the band members for their great music and for making my wife's birthday a very fun time. I see they will be in Stillwater again on Sept 20th sounds like fun!~


~CherryGun hands down is the best band we've ever had at our street dance! So good in fact we are having them back for the 3rd consecutive year! They have actually made our Street Dance a TOTAL SUCCESS EVERY YEAR!~


~Listening to CherryGun's live performance is even better than their videos and sound clips on their web pages! Most bands it's the other way around! They have the most clean and full sound we've ever heard! Kudos to whomever is in charge of their sound system and their WONDERFUL song selection! The best band we've ever had at our Company Corp Party and that says a lot because we've had live bands for 20+ years!!~


Some recent comments from people who have seen CherryGun's show...... (Dec 1, 2013)